Grumman Widgeon Owners Group

- Rebuilt outer wing panels rigged for retractable floats, contact webmaster to get in touch with seller.

-Ok folks! I have made a decision about my Widgeon inventory. I do not have enough time on earth to do what I want to do. It's a damm big bucket list. N58837, sn1337, and Scan 30 Sn30 are just getting older. Some of you know me, I am a collector not a seller. But I have grown tired of moving parts in storage. Everything is in one place. Sacramento, CA.
To include:
2 fuselages.
4 wings, 2 in fair condition, 2 need restoration.
2 horizontal stabs.
1 maybe 2 vertical stabs. I have to go look
1 good rudder.
2 rt, 2 Lt ailerons
2 rt, 2 lt flaps

5 elevators, (3 brand spankin new, never been on an airplane)
3 center sections, 1 exelent condition, 2 need rework.
Parts too numourous to catalog here.
Dean Franklin Super Widgeon Engine conversion for O-470.
2 engine mounts with cowl sets for radial Lycoming conversion.
2 round floats, 2 flat floats.
3 GSO-480-B1A6 engines, 100SMOH (Pull-Offs from my Aero Commander.
More stuff than I can think of right now.

Eddy Forsberg
Please don't call until after May 26. I am out of the country flying.

-Inventory of parts for the Widgeon Ranger engines...30 cowl pieces, 4 motor mounts, two oil pans, 4 oil tanks,1 nose case, 1 cam shaft, 6 rocker arm assembles, 2 cowl rings. 2 wheel covers. He would like $1,000 plus shipping costs. Located in Alaska. Pics available